Is Webflow getting lost?

20,- dollar client billing without any profit of us as designers?
August 8, 2017

20,- dollar client billing without any profit of us as designers?

First off all, i'am one of the biggest Webflow fans. I am designer who sold his previous company to work as freelancer again and making websites. The last months i made 7 Wordpress sites and 1 Webflow site. Last year i only did sell Webflow sites.... Why? because of the pricing for smaller sites and lag of functions for bigger sites. Just notice that i am really a big fan... Even this site is made in Weblfow!

As Webflow designer i pay yearly 750,- dollar (because i host more thatbn 50 sites) and 16,- dollar per website. I run now 70 websites so i am thinking to stop with my 750,- dollar dashboard and built them all in an individual login, because that would save me the 750,- dollar a year.

I also have some site's witch i did sold for 10,- dollar hosting because the would not pay me more.. and i had a discount... now this discount is over and i pay 8 dollars more a month than my clients... but i keep my word and that is my most importent thing in my life. ok, thats my mistake... i know...

i movedsome clients to Wordpress because of the lag of functions in Webflow. Bigger clients are asking for a gallery, fully responsive images, filters and a customer login. All these things are still not working with Webflow. So now i am losing smaller and bigger clients now!

Am i the only one with this strange behavior of Webflow with his pricing? please give a reactie below!

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