Google Pagespeed Test with Webflow

Webflow Templates doesn't score enough!
April 28, 2017

Webflow Templates doesn't score enough!

I did a small test with Google Pagespeed and Webflow templates. Some SEO clients where complaining about the Pagespeed results, lets see if they are right? We tested the first 8 templates in the row, plus the Webflow site self.

Pagespeed test from Google and Webflow.
Pagespeed test from Google and Webflow templates

As we can see the results a poor!

The results of all templates are way out of a green score about the 80 points, whats the minimum before you create a good advertising campaign. What if we dive a little deeper in these score, what can we improve? First off all, the images. Since a few month we can put on "Image resizing" but it does not work for all the images on your site. Uploaded by the CMS or background images are still not compromised and by all of these site above much to high in volume.

Score of optimized website in Webflow
I scored a little better with my own template (sorry not finished yet)

We did make a custom webflow site optimized for Google

When we build our own custom website in Webflow, and If we improved all images (Save for web in Photoshop, Maximum 20% till 30% 72 DPI for background images and 40% till 50% for CMS images we can getting our score up to 90% for desktop and 74% for mobile. Then you see that we come to a score for desktop on 90% and for mobile 74% procent. That is still not enough for mobile, while we made a background image sepertly from the desktopversion? What can we do more? At the moment not much!

Don't use plugins like Discus or Addthis in the custom body!

If you want your homepage fast, don't use plugins like on the homepage or body for all pages, off course you can use it for the other pages but place that code in the pages you need it, not in "all pages body".

How are templates from other online webbuillders?

What will other online builders score with their websites? Well, you would not expect it but they do better, but some do much better! A friend of my build a Wix website, the man is a professional house builder, and made himself a website. First opinion would be... that would be a very bad scoring website because he has absolutely no knowledge of images and websites. But when i saw the Google Pagespeed results he sure beat me!!! (Where not talking about design here, that's a question of taste). This man is happy with his website, and i understand why!

Wix scores better than Webflow in Google Pagespeed
Wix scores better than Webflow in Google Pagespeed.

And how do Squarespace templates score on Google PageSpeed?

I started the squarespace templates after i tested the Wix template, and thought the restults with Squarespace would be very good. But after testing 3 templates i say the score was dramatic!

SquareSpace Google pagespeed tests on tempates are dramatic
SquareSpace Google pagespeed tests on tempates are dramatic

What can Webflow do to improve our websites?

Its easy to say what Webflow can do to improve the Google PageSpeed results. Just take a look at the tips from Google Pagespeed. And work on the js scripts. What we don't use, don't mention. But we understand its not a "Job done in a day". First we need te images resizer work for all images. Especially the CMS witch is used by our customers and the upload the biggest files they can.

Do i know everthing of this? NO I DON'T!

The guys at Webflow can see what the must do, i am a Webflow Designer, not a coder... So guys and girls at Webflow good luck with this! For others? please give some tips and comments below, we can all learn from it!

Google Pagespeed

I found this new (consumer version) Google Pagespeed Checker Link and this is the old (Developer version) Google Pagespeed Checker, Google is puming up his new pagespeed Insights!

Google PageSpeed Checker
Google PageSpeed Checker

Koen Spaansen

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